Zlata Gric Beli Pinot 2015

Zlata Gric Beli Pinot 2015
Tasting Note :
The wine has a yellowish color with greenish shades. The fragrance is fresh, youthful with pure fruit aromas, reminiscent of ripe melon and pear. In the background is the smell of chamomile. Rich taste is expected fresh and fruity. The rest of sugar and mature acid give the wine a strong backbone. In the mouth, the wine is balanced and in a beautiful, variegated breadth and gives a feeling of roundness and balance.

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  • Product Code: C13
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Vintage : 2015
    Country : Slovenia
    Region : Goriska Brda
    Variety : Pinot Blanc
  • HK$80.00