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Black Sea Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Tasting Note:12個月橡木桶陳釀,有著熱烈、含光澤的寶石紅,野櫻桃與黑森林果實伴隨微妙美好的木香和香料香氣,酒身以果香味作主導的優雅和平衡,清爽的酸度,清澈而有著微辛作收結。..

Black Sea Limited Selection Merlot 2012

Tasting Note:12個月橡木桶陳釀,李子、黑加侖子、黑莓的果香造就複雜層次,深紅漿果伴隨著溫和的木香,口感圓潤,單寧柔順,餘韻悠長而令人愉快。..

Harbour Estate Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 2008

Tasting Note:Aromas and flavours of strawberry, cassis, fig, caramel, and other red berries. Combina..

Penfolds Grange 2010

Tasting Note:The 2010 Grange arrives with much expectation and does not disappoint. This is a powerh..

Santomas Antonius Refosk (Sergasi) 2007

Tasting Note:The blackberry, raspberry and slight breath of cocoa. Background also aroma on roast me..

Santomas Grande Cuvee 2006

Tasting Note:The top cuvee of the estate, the 2006 Grand Cuvee still tastes like it's a year or two ..

愛之灣藍莓果味汽酒 (Andimar Blueberry Sparkling)

Tasting Note:由新鮮的蘋果汁和濃縮藍莓汁完美的融合發酵而成。瀰漫著複雜香味,口感層次豐富,獨具個性。..