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A+RDECE (Vinska Klet) 2012

Tasting Note:Full, strong, smooth, warm, balanced...

Bagueri Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Tasting Note:It  gives a  smooth,  velvety taste  in  the mouth;  the ..

Bagueri Merlot 2012

Tasting Note: A red varietal wine. Taste is smooth with pleasant tannins and a subtle aroma of ..

EDI Simcic Duet 2013

Tasting Note:A wine of medium body and a more complex character of robust reds from the GoriškaBrda ..

EDI Simcic Duet LEX 2010

Tasting Note:Complex nose of black currant, fine tobacco, liquorice and intense spicy note. Tannins ..

EDI Simcic Triton Lex Dry Premium White Wine 2010

Tasting Note:A harmonic balance of international and local varieties - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Bl..

Gorice Sparkling Traminer

Tasting Note:The smell of this sparkling wine will reveal blossoming wild roses with a hint of pleas..

Horse Red Merlot 2014

Tasting Note:Smooth with pleasant tannins and a subtle aroma of Mediterranean spices...

Pullus Sauvignon Suho/Dry 2015

Tasting Note:A dry, delightfully rounded wine with grapefruit and pineapple and a bit of honey, on t..

Quercus Merlot 2012

Tasting Note:It leaves smooth, medium-bodied taste in the mouth with pleasing sweet tanninsand a sof..