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Anitiche Terre Bosco Ancella -25%

Anitiche Terre Bosco Ancella

Tasting Note :Excellent white wine with an intense yellow colour. Elegant and beautiful aromas, comp..

HK$80.00 HK$60.00

Ca Granda Rose Spumante -25%

Ca Granda Rose Spumante

Tasting Note :Polite and well balanced preserves the unique and unmistakable profile of Lugana assoc..

HK$80.00 HK$60.00

Ca Granda Rosso -25%

Ca Granda Rosso

Tasting Note :It is the CRU wine of the FATTORIA CA 'GRANDA produced in limited quantities (3,000 nu..

HK$80.00 HK$60.00

Cascina Galletto Barbera d Asti 2012 -14%

Cascina Galletto Barbera d Asti 2012

Tasting Note :此款Barbera在年輕時期,酒體呈現深沉的紅寶石色,熟成期間會轉化趨近石榴石紅;其酒香纖細而甜美,帶有紅色果類、玫瑰花及香草的芳香,口感緊緻優雅。..

HK$70.00 HK$60.00

Cascina Galletto Langhe Favorita -25%

Cascina Galletto Langhe Favorita

Tasting Note :Color: straw yellow with greenish reflections. Perfume: fresh fruit. Taste: in the mou..

HK$80.00 HK$60.00

Chateau Lamothe Castera 2016 New -47%

Chateau Lamothe Castera 2016

Tasting Note :This deep-colored wine has a delicious fresh fruity bouquet, which is brought to fruit..

HK$150.00 HK$80.00

Dazero Canavese Nebbiolo (RED) -25%

Dazero Canavese Nebbiolo (RED)

Tasting Note :Light ruby ​​red with light garnet highlights. On the nose it expresses the quintessen..

HK$80.00 HK$60.00

Dazero Erbaluce Di Caluso (BLUE) -25%

Dazero Erbaluce Di Caluso (BLUE)

Tasting Note :Straw yellow with light green reflections, the nose reveals a beautiful olfactory prof..

HK$80.00 HK$60.00